Who and Why?

When I was 25, I needed to decide what church I was going to attend.  I was attending two different churches at the time, and I made my decision based upon each church's doctrines.  the church I chose was rich in doctrine, and as I studied my Bible, I could find each point of doctrine within its pages.  It was a Doctrinal Church and it was proud to be considered such.

As I continued growing in knowledge, I witnessed these doctrines being used to teach others Biblical truths and to present a piture of God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  I also witnessed these doctrines being used to pronounce judgments upon others--Christians and non-Christians.  The rules were clear, and unity was defined by everyone following those rules as interpreted by the pastor and elders.

But even though I became quite knowledgeable, there was something missing in my life.  I discovered the missing ingredient was relationships!  How could I be expected to develop a relationship with Christ when I couldn't begin to experience meaningful relationships with the people I went to church with, worked with, or even lived with?

When all was failing me in my personal life, and I figured out the doctrinal approach wasn't working for me at home or at church, I found relationships!  I found a "best friend" and married her!  I found my "Best Friend" and worshipped Him!  I discovered that rules and expectations without a relationship are like a sailboat without a sail--it doesn't go anywhere.

There are two types of people in the world and two types of churches: doctrinal (rules) and relational.  Jesus was/is relational.  He spend His entire ministry relating to people.  Those who entered into a relationship with Him, accepted all the rules & expectations, even to their deaths, because that's what relationships do, till death do us part!