Study Groups

Saturday Mornings at 10:00 a.m.

Saturday morning study groups provide an opportunity  for people to connect with each other and discover more of who God is, through study of Bible and other inspirational books.  Feel free to join us.


*Seventh-day Adventist's Quarterly Lessons - This quarter's study is entitled: Beginnings and Belongings - The book of Genesis, an inspired account of the miracle that created us and the earliest revelations of the miracle that saves us.

*Amazing Facts: Basic Bible Beliefs - This study is offered on an individual basis, as requested.

Grades 9-12

*Small group discussions for high school age young people.

Grades 4-8

*Study group for children in middle school.

Grades 1-3

*Study group for children in grades 1-3.


*Study group for the young.


*Study group for infants and toddlers.