The Power of Prayer


As I look back over my life, I am aware of the many relationships I have had with various people.  I remember being the shy "new kid" at school.  I remember my first girlfriend; the various "best" friends.

Of course, my most vivid memory is my beginning relationship with my wife, Anita.  When I first met Anita, I thought she was attractive, graceful, talented and well-mannered.  Our initial contacts were always on a superficial level and nothing happened to change my opinion of her.

Then events in both of our lives happened and I began to spend time talking with her more in depth and getting to really know her heart.  All of a sudden she was more than attractive, more than graceful, very talented and much more than well spoken.  I now saw her as beautiful, still graceful, highly intelligent, articulate, very gifted, and a woman of high moral standards.  What caused the change in my picture of her?  I got to know her, and our relationship deepened.  How?  By spending time talking with her and listening to her.

The same holds true with our God.  We have a superficial, at best, relationship with Him until we become aware that His presence is within us -- He is in us and with us.  We can have a superficial relationship or we can get to know God more intimately by doing the very same thing I did  with Anita--spending time talking, getting to know each other and learning of each other's history.

That's what prayer is all about -- connecting our thoughts with God.  We can connect through His Word, through music, through nature, through someone or something they say, or even a memory.  God wants to know us and wants us to know Him.  It all starts with prayer.  Going deeper in a relationship should not be burdensome but rather an adventure.

Oh yeah, my wife; I love her more today than the day I married her.  I am closer to her than I have ever been.  She knows me like no other and it all started with a "hello."  Say hello to God today and continue an adventure that will last all of eternity!