The Good News of the First Angel of Revelation 14

Most Chrsitans read the book of Revelation with a great deal of fear and trembling.  What they are able to understand of the symbols presented is fearful reading:  Beasts, judgment, fire, brimstone.  And yet, God intended it to be a message of hope, filled with His love!

Today, we begin looking at the three angels of Revelation 14 and their message of warning to a world out of control--a message that is intended to bring hope and encouragement to His people.

The first angel bringing the message of the everlasting gospel reminds us to reverence God, give Him glory, and worship Him as the hour of His judgment has come!

The everlasting gospel had its beginning for mankind in the Garden of Eden.  It has continued through the ages of the prophets and kings, the cross of Jesus, the dark ages, the reformation, today, up through the second coming and through eternity.  It is truly everlasting!

Most Christians are OK with reverencing God, giving Him glory, and worshipping Him.  It is the Day-of-Judgment thing that strikes fear into the hearts of us readers.  It takes us back to the teachings of the medieval church that taught that God was an arbitrary judge who would just as soon smite you as save you!

The Good News today is that the judgment is not something to be feared.  God judges us in love.  The decree is the result of where our hearts and our relationships lie.  If our hearts and relationships are with Jesus, there remains no condemnation - no judgment!