The 60/60 Experiment

Prayer is one of the most misunderstood practices in our lives.  Few know what prayer is, how to do it, when and how often to do it.  And yet it is one of those things that we, as Christ-followers, are expected to do.

We get discouraged when we read Paul's writing telling us to pray without ceasing.  I struggle to carry on a conversation with God for more than three minutes!  My A.D.D. kicks in and my mind wanders. 

My problem is the same as many other people: Conversational prayer is not one way!  I struggle to keep talking to God but never slow down long enough to listen to God.

That's when I finally figured out that prayer isn't just my "talking."  Prayer is thoughts that connect me with God.  Those thoughts can be verbalized but don't have to be.  They just need to be focused.

My son, Ryan, shared an experiment with me that the pastor of the church he attends in Austin, Texas, had his congregation try.  I would like to challenge each of you to attempt the same experiment.

The challenge is called the 60/60 Experiment.  We are challenged to set our watches, timers, or sticky notes to remind us to pray every sixty minutes for sixty days, thus 60/60.  We are encouraged to journal our experiences and results, and then share them with someone who needs the hope of answered prayer.

If you're tired of doing things the same old way with the same old results, learn how to pray continually, with a purpose and with a host of other people.  I believe when we pray as a people, mountains will move and Jesus will return to take us home!