Talking Salvation Literally

When the younger brother of the Boston Marathon bombers was a suspect and his picture was in news reports requesting his identify, one of his professors saw one of the news casts and ignored it.  When later asked, "Why didn't you call in to identify him," his response was knowing him as he did there was no way he could believe he was capable of this horrific act.  I know that when our fears are prevailing we can readily find fault with the professor, but when Love casts them out then we see something very redemptive in his response.

You know what I mean if someone you know well ever did something ugly or dark and you said, "This isn't (insert name)."  I hope you have all had the experience because the Lord know we have all wanted it said or thought about us at some time/s in our life.  If you are a good spouse you learn to say it about your mate.  If you are a good parent you learn to say it about your children.  If you have real close friendships you have learned to say it.  Relationships end when we stop believing in the other.  When you start thinking she/he will never change, you have at the very least put a stop on the growth of that relationship and more likely, began killing it!  Aren't you overcome by the thought that God never stops saving (believing in) you????


And this is the real and eternal life: That they know you, The one and only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you sent.

John 17:3 Message Bible