State of the Dead--Where's the Grace in That?

Both of my parents have passed away.  I have been told that I can communicate iwth them, if I desire, and for a price.  How can I know if that is true?  Where are my parents and where will I go when I die?

Some of my best friends from my childhood have left the church and are practicing a lifestyle that seems to deny a relationship with God.  They are said toe be "lost."  Where will they end up?  What can I do?

The next two weeks we will address these topics and search out the Grace-factor in each of these questions.  It is important for us to understand what happens to a person when they die--both physically and/or spiritually.

Today, I want to search out the realisty of the Spiritual Death.  What is it?  What happens if I contract it?  Is there a cure?  Is there hope for one who is terminally ill spiritually?

The answers to these questions may surprise you, but they are grace-filled answers.  The same diagnosis was evident during the time of Christ.  If fact, it was in response to that epidemic that we get the prognosis for dealing with the problem.

The Easter events over 2,000 years ago are the key to surviving the physical death as well as the spiritual death.  It is in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that we find hope and grace in combating the death which sin potentially casts its spell upon each of us.

We may die, physically or spiritually, but Easter proved that there is a resurrection for those who choose Jesus!  I choose Him!