Revelation's 3 Angels, A Message of Love

The scripture is not silent on the subject of the second coming or the events leading up to it.  Jesus spoke about it often, the Bible writers did not shy away from it, and Christ followers should also be willing to discuss it.  However, we should not say more than the Bible reveals about these times.  It is God's purpose for us to have a limited understanding of end times and the return of Jesus Christ.  Why?  Because, God knows that when we know it all or think we know it all we cease to live by faith.  And faith is what God values.

On the other hand, He has given us enough understanding of the time of the end to live by faith.  Part of the purpose of our series of messages on the end times has been making clear what God has revealed.  Pastor Dennis and I hope that our emphasis has helped you to find God and His peace in end events.  We believe that our God is love and that his perfect love casts out fear always.  If we are interpreting and applying the scriptures in the way God intends that we will embrace the message of Christ's return and the events surrounding it as Good News.  Pastor Dennis and I also believe that the scripture has been misused to motivate people by fear.  Never will there be a more important time to be sharing a message of love than at the end of time.  After all, "Love never fails."