Do You Want What God Wants?

What do you want?  What are the desires of your heart?  These are the questions we have been asking over the past four weeks. 

We need to ask two more questions: Is what I want/desire what God wants/desires for me?  How can I successfully live an inside-out life?

Paul gives us the true picture of the frustrating task of trying to live inside-out on our own when he shared in Romans 7: "Those things that I want to do, I just can't seem to do, while those things that I hate and would never want to do are the things that I seem to do continually!"

While some would see want and desire as being the same, they aren't.  I can want  to come to church, but be overruled by my desire to go to the movies.  I can want to stop drinking, but my desire is to have a drink.  All of us have some sort of an addiction the we want  to overcome but are held captive by the desire to continue in that addition.

Jesus calls us to allow Him to align our wants and desires.  That's the good news Paul teaches in Romans 8:  There is hope for doing what you want and desire and having it be the same as what God wants and desires for you!

But how do we accomplish this?  Paul made it clear that we can't, under our own.  We need to focus on the goal, pray with intention and regularity (60/60) and keep moving in the right direction.  Along the way you will discover a growing passion for the desire that fuels your wants.

There is an amazing future in store for you when you allow God to align your wants/desires with His.  You will look at this world from an entirely new vantage point:  From the inside/out!