Creative Kingdom Assignment

This week's Kingdom Assignment deals with using the gifts/talents you have been given. Not just using them, but finding creative ways to express those gifts.

Jesus creatively connected with those around Him through the use of stories, explanation of Scripture, and physical/spiritual/healings. His creativity was often contrary to the customs of the day. He felt an intense accountability for how He used His talents.

Because we are created in the image of God, we have been made with a desire to do something outside of ourselves; to share ourselves in a meaningful way.  The more creatively we can share ourselves, the greater impact it has on others. When we hold ourselves accountable for how we use the talents or abilities which have been given, we don't "waste" opportunities.  We become more focused and purposeful in our relationships.

I love the fact that the three groups which Jesus most connected with here on earth were the poor, the sick, and sinners. He loved "hanging" with tax collectors and prostitutes, lepers and demon-possessed, as well as the homeless. The miracle was that those who hung out with Jesus were never again the same!

Jesus stated that His kingdom "is not of this world" It doesn't matter what your job is, where you live, or how much money you have. We are strangers on a journey and seek to invite other travelers to join us. Our destination is Heaven. There is something spiritual within all created beings that wants to join us on our journey. Our mission is to seek Christ which is within others and to "creatively" connect with them through the talents/gifts God has bestowed upon us.

Our journey is enriched by those we meed and those who choose to join us in our march toward heaven.  The Kingdom Assignment is not all about me, rather, it's about us!