Control vs. Charisma

Last week the message was titled "God Doesn't Play God"  and the point was that God does not most often choose to control the universe in every detail, at least, not planet earth and our little solar system.  And some evidence for that is observed in how much happens in the world that is in conflict with whom we believe God to be.  And yet we see a picture of God in the Bible that reveals him intervening often to bring about his will on planet earth by protecting, providing, rescuing, and healing.  So, can we conclude that he doesn't step in and take charge?

Rather than creating an either/or which would encourage us to quantify how many times he doesn't enforce his will on earth compared to the times he miraculously shows up, let's shift the conversation to whether there is another way for him to intervene and if so what would be its advantages.  You see, for many people, if God is not in control of everything than He is a detached observer and the world is in chaos.  And to that thinking I would say I too see what apparent chaos in the world but for me this is not evidence of God's detachment because the message of Emanuel, God with us, is that he is present all the time, especially in the chaos.  If this is true then God is calling us to trust in another kind of intervention.  Why would God choose to enter the experiences that break his heart and ask us to do the same?