Connected with Ourselves

In this series of messages on "Connectedness" Pastor Dennis and I hope to communicate that God has not let us go.  It saddens us to hear God represented as being angry with us and subsequently as removing Himself from our lives.  

Furthermore, it is almost as troubling to hear that man is worthless and depraved, lacking any capacity to be good.  Our God is so big and so loving that even when we violate His faith in us He doesn't leave.  If fact He comes closer.  Not only does He come inside us but He invites us into a journey of discovering ourselves because He has unending faith in who we really are.

When we begin to see God in this way we can start moving toward Him and stop running from Him.  We can embrace the God who is in us by His Spirit and we can begin to find our true selves.  We will begin to accept our uniqueness, which is true of every human being while we let go of the fear of not fitting the expectations of others.  And we will learn to discern our true passions and trust them as the God given means of finding who we really are.  God isn't satisfied with obedience, He wants our love.  And God knows full well that if we love him we must love ourselves too.  God knows that the real "us" is inside and it is the only "us" we can truly love.  We are connected to ourselves!