Changing Lives Through Prayer 

For two weeks I've been attempting the 60/60 prayer experiment and have had some interesting observations. 

I believe the biggest change for me is that I am more aware of God's presence throughout the day.  Even though I have committed to pray for specific people and situations, there is always this underlying knowledge of the presence of God.  This allows me to approach everything in my day with an "inside-out" philosophy of living.

Merging the inside-out lifestyle with the prayer-every-sixty-minutes practice produces a power in my prayer life that I have never experienced before!  It also allows me to admit to myself that He is God and I am not.  That understanding relieves me of a tremendous amount of pressure to solve or fix everything and everyone.

I have found that even though my intent is to pray every sixty minutes, I find myself "praying" much more often.  And the focus of my thought/prayers are more on God and His presence as well as the specific needs of those for who I am praying.

So, I advertised that this would change your life!  And you will want to know if it has changed mine.  I can answer unequivocally, YES!  My focus is different.  My perception is different.  My life is moving from being controlled by circumstances to controlling my reaction to those circumstances.  That shift from the outside controlling my inside, to my inside--through an heightened awareness of God's presence within me--controlling my reaction to the outside is not only turning me from a victim into a victor, but it has also breathed new life into my prayer life!

If you haven't tried the 60/60 experiment yet, with the realization that you can live from the inside-out, what are you waiting for?  If you keep living the same old way, you'll keep getting the same old results!