Bless Me Indeed

Eight years ago we introduced our church family to The Prayer of Jabez, a book written by Bruce Wilkinson.  The prayer of Jabez is found in 1st Chronicles 4:10: "And Jabez called on hte God of Israel saying, "Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!" So God granted him what he requested."

During our time away this past summer, I read the sequel, Beyond Jabez: Expanding Your Borders, and was struck again with the simple truths of that prayer.  God is crazy about us and wants to pour out heaven's blessings upon us!  We don't receive because we don't ask!  It is OK to ask for, and expect blessings!  God blesses us so that we may bless others!

Today we start a four-part series based upon the book, Beyond Jabez.  We will revisit the basics found in 1st Chronicles 4:10 and expand our understanding and application of Jabez's prayer.

 Jabez was a man who was living from the inside-out.  He was focused more on the things unseen than the seen.  He demonstrated the faith to receive what God wanted to give him, blessings indeed!  If you want a different spiritual relational, or financial experience, you need to change how you have been doing things.  You can receive what he received if you ask for, and expect blessings indeed!