Beautiful Woman

Some may have heard about the little boy who asked his mother why she was putting on cold cream.  She replied that she was making herself beautiful.  When she went to take off the cold cream the little boy wanted to know what was the matter.  Was she giving up?  That little boy misunderstood the concept of the art of becoming beautiful.  Sometimes we as Christians misunderstand God's concept of becoming beautiful in Chris.

In itself, there is nothing wrong with working on our outward beauty.  We are children of the King, so why not look the part?  We should always do our best and look our best, but many times we forget about the inside and the way we project ourselves.  Perhaps we sometimes concentrate only on one feature or area of our Christian life, and not the whole, and our beauty in Christ becomes skewed.

Being beautiful in Christ involves more than just the outside of just one part of us.  Our verse says, "... a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised."  That is a beauty that transcends time and doesn't fade away.

One thing women know about beauty is that it is a daily thing.  In other words, we have to keep ourselves up.  If we let ourselves go, what happens?  We are not quite so beautiful anymore, are we?  It is thd same with being beautiful in Christ.  It is a daily thing.