Assignment: 2010

The first week of a new year, even a new decade, and our thoughts turn to the dreaded "R" word - Resolutions! It is a practice that millions join in at the beginning of every year. It fits one definition of insanity, because we keep making the same resolutions each year, don't change our habits, and expect different results than last year!

What this implies is that year after year, the same resolutions are on everyone's list. The order may vary slightly from year to year, but everyone is wanting to lose weight, stop smoking and drinking, make more money, and spend more time with their family.

Now, let me make this very clear. Those are all great goals. We will live healthier and, quite possibly, longer if we succeed in those goals. The problem arises when we set goals but don't change our habits or behaviors. We keep doing what we've always done while hoping for a different outcome.

What we need is a spiritual "bucket list." Suppose you found out that you had twelve months to live. Would you do anything differently then you do now? Would you chase the dollars, the promotions, the toys that tend to distract you? Would you slow down and become less busy?

Our culture and our church have become distracted and too busy. We long for "the good old days" when life was slower and simpler. We chain ourselves to computers and cell phones until we collapse into bed exhausted because we've had the pedal to the metal all day. Our relationships suffer the most of all. We are too busy or distracted to spend quality time with our Creator. Family time consists of eating dinner together around the TV.

I believe this year's resolutions should have somethings to do with the Kingdom-not Harry Potter's or Twilight's, but God's Kingdom. Scripture states that where our treasure is, there will your hearts be also.

What do you treasure this morning? Life is so short. Make sure your treasure is in the eternal things. 2010 is a good time to start!